The second Comic-Con Junior is over

25.10.2023 NEW

Thank you to all of you who decided to spend a sunny October day with us. And we hope you enjoyed the con - whether you took the expanded video game or boardgame room by storm, enjoyed discussions with Czech and foreign actors, admired the cosplayers, or visited the fan program and much more (and ideally all of it together). We've taken your feedback from last year to heart and look forward to hearing new insights. 


18.10.2023 NEW

She loves Art Nouveau and Belle Époque and enjoys learning foreign languages. Her biggest inspiration is traveling. She is an award-winning author of books for young adult and new adult readers: the urban fantasy trilogy The Dark Witch's Game, inspired by European cities and their legends; the historical fantasy Ceramic Heart; the mythological Hessy and Academy of Amateras, followed by the duology All My Keys and Gaia.

New version of Comic-Con App

17.10.2023 NEW

The official Comic-Con Junior app is live! Download on Google Play and AppStore (Comic-Con Czech). In the app you will find all the information about the venue, detailed maps with search, a detailed schedule that you can save to your calendar or mark as a favorite. And to make sure you don't miss anything, the app allows notifications to remind you of the start of the program, photo shoots and signings! The app also gives you the option to purchase autographs and take photos with guests (you can download digital photos in the app after the event), and last but not least, a list of all partners, exhibitors and Artist Alley! The app is also newly translated into English, German and Polish.

JAROSLAV NĚMEČEK returns to Brno!

17.10.2023 NEW

The legendary Czech artist and author of the Čtyřlístek, JAROSLAV NĚMEČEK, will be coming to Brno for Comic-Con Junior on Saturday! He will have two short autograph sessions at 14:00 and 15:30 at the Čtyřlístek exhibition on the 1st floor. If you want to meet the author of one of the most important Czech comics of all time, don't miss this unique opportunity!


17.10.2023 NEW

 It is our great pleasure to welcome Czech actor, singer, songwriter and producer VLADIMIR KRATINA during Comic-Con Junior 2023! Vladimír Kratina's masculine look predestined him for roles of tough and burly guys. He plays such characters not only on stage, but also in front of the camera. A case in point is the memorable role of "Drtikol" in the film Prázdniny pro psa. 

Schedule of photoshoots and autograph sessions!


You couldn't wait and neither could we, but the not-so-simple schedule of photo shoots, signings, meet & greets, press activities and breaks always has to go through the approval of agents and actors. But today, we're eager and SUSPENDING the selection of times for your photo shoots, signings and meet and greets with the actors! You can find it on the web and in the shop.

POKÉTOUR returns!


Part of the rich Comic-Con Junior programme is also this year POKÉTOUR! PokéTour at Comic-Con Junior features a card exchange and swap, a quiz and raffle, and other programming, as well as, of course, card and merch sales. Plus, you can expect a booth of card experts who will spot fakes and teach basic recognition to you as well.



At Comic-Con Junior 2023 we will be able to peek under the curtain of a magical world full of not only magical creatures, but also fantastic animals! We are very honoured to welcome the French actor WILLIAM NADYLAM, who is famous for his central role of Yusuf Kama from the Fantastic Beasts film series! William Nadylam's work draws on the international background of his childhood and a wide range of cultural influences. 

Comic artist Štěpánka Jislová


Recently, we could admire her story in the comic book Supro: Hrdinové na dluh, and now her most extensive work to date, Srdcovka. She has contributed to the comics Češi, Milada Horáková and Hon na Macbetha. The comic Bez vlasů, which she drew based on the autobiographical experiences of Tereza Drahoňovská, won the Muriel Award for the best comic of the year.



Popular cosplay promenade for children is coming back to Brno. And twice! If you're going to Comic-Con Junior with a little cosplayer 4-12 yrs old, sign them up for KinderCosplay - on Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm! There will be prizes for the kids and maybe even Elsa and Batman will show up!

Look forward to Naďa Konvalinková!


One of the most famous film roles of Nadď Konvalinková is Květuška from the film Adéla ještě nevečeřela. Gradually she played the role of mature women and good and wise mothers (Nesmrtelná teta, Lotrando a Zubejda, etc.). She narrated several bedtime stories and also made her mark in the memory and hearts as a presenter of children's television programmes.

Star Trek exhibition!


An even bigger exhibition than at CC Prague will bring not only the costumes in which the actors filmed, but also real props from the films and series. And as the icing on the cake, there will be a chance to take a photo behind the control console on the bridge, together with fans in ST uniforms!

Connor Trinneer - guest of CC Junior


Heroes-oriented fans can look forward to meeting a loyal friend from the very first Enterprise, while more pro-villains fans will appreciate meeting Atlantis' greatest enemy! But he has also starred in a number of other movies and TV series such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, 24, Purge, etc.

Program: Cosplay Stage


The traditional program at the Cosplay Stage for all cosplayers and cosplay fans will include not only talks with cosplayers, but again also presentations of popular cosplay groups (Star Wars, Superheroes, Harry Potter), this time with quizzes and prizes! We'll be repeating the big Star Gate cosplayers meetup to great success. And do you have a Barbie or Ken cosplay? Come and show you're KENough!

Comics - Kryštof Franciško


Are you a fan of Czech comics with retro sci-fi theme? Main work of Kryštof Franciško is the comic series Rudý Děs, where anthropomorphic animals in an alternate history fight against communism in space. All this is rendered in watercolour, following the European school of comics.

We are looking forward to Dynamic Duo Cosplay


Barley and Pauline have been cosplaying for over a decade, the last four years together as Dynamic Duo. In addition, they also share a passion for reading comics and collecting. Their specialty is DC Comics cosplay, which they regularly present at movie premieres, comic book launches and other side events.

We welcome Čtyřlístek


You can look forward to an amazing exhibition of the best from the history of the Čtyřlístek, a photo booth and 5 great life-size mascots! In the Comics-Line program and Comic Artists Zone, you'll find Dan Cerny and other creators who have contributed to the popularity of the Čtyřlístek. Check out the CCJ merch booth to see what's on offer from the Čtyřlístek!

Petr Kopl will not be missing


etr Kopl is an integral part of the Czech and international comics scene. His varied work includes not only comic adaptations of literary works such as The Three Musketeers, The Hound of the Baskervilles and Dracula, but also humorous collections of comic strips Štěky Broka Špindíry, the educational Komiksový náčrtník and much more. Including Dechberoucí Zázrak and Pérák.

Cheaper ticket - only 7 days


Comic-Con Girl loves her fans in Brno as much as in Prague.Secretly, though, she loves the ones who buy their tickets early and allow her to effectively plan the dimensions of her superhero stunts the most She will gladly give such people a discount on tickets - but only for the last week‼️

Program: Future Line


Are you unhealthy attracted to black holes? Do you regularly inundate your friends with interesting science and technology news? Do you have a dim view of the future of humanity - and yet you can't help indulging in futuristic musings at night? We have the remedy for you: the FutureLine! A program line for adult fans, full of popular and expert lectures, is the right place for your safe nerding. Hall E3, 1st floor.