Chibi Juns Cosplay


CHIBI JUNS COSPLAY (cosplayer; Czechia)

Guest appearance: all days

Chibi Juns has been engaged in cosplay since 2015 and has accumulated dozens of costumes over the years. Her primary focus is on characters from Anime and Asian games, such as Genshin Impact and Arknights.

Her main expertise lies in sewing, and because she enjoys intricate and detailed costumes, she can dedicate several months to embroidering a single cosplay. However, she is not afraid of crafting either.

Resemblance is crucial for her, making makeup and wig styling significant components of her cosplay. She puts a lot of effort into perfecting these aspects.

In 2019, 2023, and this year, she was selected for Pixelmania. She also participates in photo shoots with international groups, mainly in Poland. Among her achievements are 1st place in the cosplay competition at Advík 2015 and 3rd place in the Animeshow 2021 competition, including awards for the best makeup and best needlework. She received the award for the best armor/craft at Fantastická Ostrava 2023.