Miroslav Donutil


MIROSLAV DONUTIL (actor; Czechia)

Guest appearance: Saturday 6. April 2024

Miroslav Donutil is a Czech actor, presenter, entertainer, and singer. In 1973, he graduated in dramatic acting from the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. He began acting at the Husa na provázku Theatre in Brno while still studying, where he worked from 1973 until 1990. He then became a member of the ensemble at the National Theatre Drama, where he worked until 2013.

He is a popular figure in theater, film, and television. His filmography includes dozens of film characters. Many of the films in which he has played significant roles enjoy considerable popularity and continue to appear on television screens. Among these are films like PELÍŠKY, TANKOVÝ PRAPOR, ČERNÍ BARONI, DĚDICTVÍ ANEB KURVAHOŠIGUTNTAG a others.

He has appeared in television series such as DÁMA A KRÁL, ŠPUNTI NA CESTĚ, LABYRINT, ČETNICKÉ HUMORESKY, and others. One of Miroslav Donutil's most popular TV roles is the character of the quirky Beskydy Mountains doctor Martin Elinger in the series DOKTOR MARTIN.

He is particularly appreciated as a talented comedian and storyteller.

During the Comic-Con Prague 2024 event, he will present a new mysterious, paranormal-themed series produced by TV Nova, titled ZÁHADNÉ PŘÍPADY.