Kristýna Sněgoňová


KRISTÝNA SNĚGOŇOVÁ (spisovatelka; Česko)

Guest appearance: Friday 14. April and Saturday 15. April 2023

Kristýna Sněgoňová is a Czech writer. She writes mostly science fiction and fantasy short stories, novellas, novels, she is also a writer of poems and plays. She is a multiple recipient of the Lady of the Order of Fantasy, Bearer of the Sword, winner of the literary competition Vidoucí (2018), the Karel Čapek Prize, and winner of the Mlok Award (2014, 2018).

She comes from the Ostrava region and lives in Brno. She studied sociology at the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University in Brno. She began her literary career by winning the competition O brahmíní vemeno, and has published short stories in the magazine Pevnost and in various anthologies and anthologies, including Žoldnéři fantazie, Ve stínu Říše, Ve stínu apokalypsy, Lockdown, Krásky a vetřelci: Pulp Stories and Zákon genu.

In 2018, she published her first novel, Krev pro rusalku. Her novel Zřídla was published in 2019, followed a year later by Město v oblacích. The trilogy concludes with the novel Svět v bouři, out the Monday the day after Comic-Con Junior :-).

In 2019, Kristýna Sněgňová teamed up with Czech science fiction and fantasy author František Kotleta and they started writing a literary series called Legion. The series is to have twelve episodes, with six episodes already published.

She has written a comedy with a detective plot, Madame Whippet's Saturday.