František Kotleta


František Kotleta (writer; Czechia)

Guest appearance: Friday 14. April and Saturday 15. April 2023

Currently the best-selling writer of Czech fantasy and one of the main representatives of the so-called “School of Action”. His most essential book series is the Brotherhood of Blood, where he humorously and ironically describes a battle between vampires and aliens over the control on planet Earth.

Nevertheless, his most successful book series is called Spad. Here, he addresses the theme of a world after a Third World War, specifically recounting how a group of ageing Czech soldiers attempts to resurrect civilisation from ruin.

František Kotleta is very popular due to his ability to write good action tales, his use of humour, and the human dimension that he gives his characters. His name is actually an alias, behind which lies the former journalist, documentary-maker, and university lecturer Leoš Kyša. He is a great person to meet in the flesh.