Patrick Duffy



Guest appearance: Friday 5th April and Sunday 7th April 2024

Patrick Duffy is an American actor and director. He is of Irish ancestry. During high school, Duffy was living in Everett, Washington, and attended Cascade High School. At Cascade, he participated in the Drama Club and the Pep Club. Academically, Duffy graduated from the University of Washington in 1971 with a degree in drama. He also taught mime and movement classes. Duffy credits his sister, an international champion diver, with teaching him the necessary swimming techniques for his first career break.

In 1977, he landed the main role of Mark Harris in sci-fi television series MAN FROM ATLANTIS. Following the series' cancellation in early 1978, he got his big break in the role of Bobby Ewing, on the prime-time soap opera DALLAS. The show became a worldwide success. Despite its success, Duffy opted to leave the series in 1985 with his character being killed off onscreen. However, with both the show and his career on the decline, he returned in 1986 in the infamous shower scene.

He also starred in the sequel series DALLAS, which introduced a new generation of Ewings.

At the end of Dallas' run in 1991, Duffy began another television role, as Frank Lambert on the family sitcom, STEP BY STEP. The series ran until 1998, and Duffy also directed numerous episodes.

Between the beginning of Man From Atlantis and the ending of Step by Step Patrick was only out of work for a total of three weeks. Since beginning his TV career, he has starred in well over a dozen movies for television and countless specials.