Jan Kotouč


Jan Kotouč was born in Prague. He is the author of two dozen novels and a number of short stories.

He first came to the attention of readers in 2008 when he won the prestigious Karel Čapek Prize with his novel Příliš blízké setkání and followed it up in 2009 with his first novel Pokračování diplomacie. He writes mainly in the genres of science fiction and alternate history. He has been a full-time writer since 2020.

His adventurous military science fiction series Central Empire has been completely translated into English and has also become a preview for the science fiction setting for the ECSC International Cyber Security Competition held in Prague in 2021.

Also from the space military science fiction genre is the seven-part series Sector Hirano.

Its most successful series is the alternate history series Czech Lands, where the Czecho-Slovak Kingdom fights on the high seas with Tsarist Russia in the alternate 1940s.

His stand-alone novel The Strnad Effect (2023), a science fiction novel set in the contemporary Czech Republic, also quickly became popular. In addition, he has written short stories for a number of prestigious genre anthologies.

Jan Kotouč has also contributed to a number of other series and cycles. In 2013, he enriched the JFK series with the novel Invasion. He has contributed to the world of American writer Eric Flint's successful alternative series Rings of Fire, along with Lucia Lukačovičová, with a short story for the regular bi-monthly Grantville Gazette.

He contributed a novella to the world of David Weber's successful American Honor Harrington series, which was published in 2022 in the anthology What Price Victory?

He is a popular guest at many cons and fan meetings. He has also organized the literary block at Comic-Con Prague, Comic-Con Junior, and Festival of Fantasy for several years. He also teaches creative writing and science fiction and fantasy literature at the College of Creative Communication and the University of New York Prague.

His hobbies include traveling, reading, history, playing computer games, and chatting with random people.