Paul McGillion


PAUL MCGILLION (actor; Scotland/Canada)

Guest appearance: Friday 5. April and Saturday 6. April 2024

Paul McGillion is a Scottish-Canadian actor, who has worked in television, film and theatre. McGillion was born in Scotland. His family moved to Canada when he was two years old. He has a degree in teaching and while studying at Brock University, was part of their national championship-winning wrestling team. After graduating, McGillion began his career teaching theatre in Toronto, squeezing in time to attend auditions. He finally made the move to Vancouver, where he has worked extensively in film, TV and theatre.

He is best known for his role on the television series STARGATE ATLANTIS as Dr. Carson Beckett. He was initially cast as a recurring guest, but his character appeared so frequently in the show's first season, he was promoted to main character for later seasons.

McGillion played young Ernest Littlefield in STARGATE SG-1 first season, the first Tau'ri to have passed through the Stargate after its burial.

McGillion expressed great interest in auditioning for the role of Montgomery Scott in the 2009 eleventh STAR TREK film. Though the part ultimately went to Simon Pegg, McGillion still appeared in the film in a different role.

He appeared in numerous successful television projects such as FLASH, SUPERNATURAL, SANCTUARY, THE X-FILES, ONCE UPON A TIME, SMALLVILLE and FARGO.