Przemysław Truściński


PRZEMYSŁAW TRUŚCIŃSKI (comic book artist; Poland)

Guest appearance: all days

Przemysław Truściński is one of the most important Polish comic book authors, illustrators, and graphic artists who created the visual concept for the character Geralt in the video game THE WITCHER by CD Projekt Red.

Truściński collaborates with magazines such as Komiks Forum, Czas Komiksu, Świat Komiksu, Nowa Fantastyka, Gazeta Wyborcza, Newsweek, and the Czech magazine Aaargh!

He has published numerous standalone comic albums, including a comprehensive edition of comics about Warsaw titled Komiks W-wa (2009), a catalog of works for the solo exhibition Trust (2013), also published in English and Japanese, and most recently the art album Andzia (2020). Truściński is involved in historical comics, and in 2007, he served as the main editor for a comic anthology for the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, in addition to comic awards, Truściński has received a state award from the Polish president. His works have been exhibited in many Polish galleries, as well as in Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Geneva, Paris, Vienna, and Brussels.