Bartosz Sztybor


BARTOSZ SZTYBOR (writer and comic book writer; Poland)

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Bartosz Sztybor was born in Warsaw, Poland. He is a writer of both comic books and movie scripts, a scriptwriter of TV shows and documentaries, and an author of children's books. He has written dozens of comic books and graphic novels in Poland, including the series for teens Niezła draka, Drapak! with art by Tomasz Kaczkowski; the award-winning autobiographical graphic novel Come Back to Me Again, with art by Wojciech Stefaniec, and a few works without words illustrated by Piotr Nowacki (Tainted, It's Not About That and Options). He also wrote the screenplay for the film Mr Car and the knights templar.

His short comics and strips have been published in almost every comic book magazine and most major newspapers in Poland. He has won many awards for his comics and his movies at various festivals all around the world (including best writer awards in Brazil, Spain and Poland).

He debuted in the United States in 2010 with a few short comics published in the comics publication Zombie Terror, and in 2016, he published his first story in France, Unlucky, with art by Ivan Shavrin (published in Doggybags vol. 10).

He also serves as the narrative director at the Polish studio CD Projekt RED, known for iconic computer games such as THE WITCHER and CYBERPUNK 2077, on which Bartosz Sztybor collaborated and wrote the script for the eponymous comic book series (CYBERPUNK 2077: YOU HAVE MY WORD, Crew 2023) and the Japanese anime series CYBERPUNK: EDGERUNNERS. It premiered on Netflix in 2022, maintaining a position among the Top 10 shows in 37 countries and receiving the Crunchyroll Anime Award in the United States.

Sztybor is the scriptwriter for the comic book series THE WITCHER, with three books translated into Czech, most recently in 2023, THE WITCHER – THE BALLAD OF TWO WOLVES. Sztybor's comics have been released in most European countries and in the United States through publishers such as Boom! Studios and Dark Horse Comics.