Jan Tatarka


JAN TATARKA (comics book writer and artist; Czechia)

Guest appearance: all days

Jan Tatarka is the creator of comics and drawn humor, publisher, TV producent.

His first works were published in various regional newspapers in 1980. In 1990 he published his first legendary comics, ČOLÁK A DOLÁČ: KRÁL PODZEMÍ. After Velvet revolution, he began publishing UFIN magazine in German and English.

He drew for TRNKY-BRNKY magazine (and publisher of the same name), who later released next Čolák and Doláč comics, ČOLÁK A DOLÁČ: NA STOPĚ. He also published various successful books with humor strips. In 1994 he began publishing the iconic dark humor magazine - ORAZ.

On the occasion of Comic-Con Prague 2021 he released another episode ČOLÁK A DOLÁČ: To je ale smůla. Jan Tatarka returns as a guest to Comic-Con Prague 2023 to present his new comic book Čolák a Doláč: Návrah Hukanů!

Today, Jan Tatarka devotes his time to drawing comics strips, comics, and various illustrations. Wide audience knows his creations from Facebook page ORAZ.