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SYF COSPLAY (cosplayer; Switzerland)

Guest appearance: all days

Syf is a cosplayer from Switzerland, making costumes since 2014. She loves creating functional cosplays in which she can have a good range of movements. Her cosplays are coming from various universes, whether it is from video games such as The Witcher or other games, movies or tv shows. Her favorite materials to work with are natural fabrics such as linen and wool, and genuine leather.

Over the years, Syf has won more than a dozen of prizes in various European contests and was also the Swiss group representative for the Extreme Cosplay Gathering (ECG) in Paris in 2018, where the group won the 3rd place. Since 2019, Syf is also judging cosplay and costume contests in Switzerland and Europe.

Besides cosplays, she also likes to create costumes for Live Action Role Play (LARP) and reenactment events, and she also created several circuses and theatre costumes. Moreover, since 2021, she runs her own costume shop, named Yarilu, for which she designs and produces Norse, medieval and fantasy inspired costumes.

Known for her Witcher cosplays (she already made 8, and more are in the making!), she was featured in a short Witcher fighting video produced by Vi-Dan alongside Maul Cosplay in 2023. Recently, she was also a part of the "Endure and Survive" fan book, made by Tarak Chami, with her Ellie cosplay from The Last of Us, Part II.

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