Alice Slavíček


ALICE SLAVÍČEK (comic book artist; Czechia)

Guest appearance: all days

Alice Slavíčková was born in South Bohemia. She graduated from the Secondary School of Applied Arts of St. Anežka Česká in Český Krumlov, where she studied painting. She continued at the „Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art“ at the „University of West Bohemia in Pilsen“. There she chose the field of „Media and Didactic Illustration“ in the studio of the well-known illustrator and comic artist Václav Šlajch. As a result, her final thesis was a large-format comic with the theme of 9/11.

In 2014 she designed, and together with a team of classmates introduced, an installation called BLACK.BYT for Design Blok Prague, which won the Editors-in-Chief Award in the category of THE BEST SCHOOL INSTALLATION. She was also a co-organizer of the drawing, illustration and painting competition SKEČBETL and in the years 2014 to 2018 she led the famous Pilsen PECHAKUCHA NIGHT.

She has been working under the direction of Michal Dvořák on the character of the new superhero DRAWMAN for two years now, together with screenwriter Jan Drbohlav and the author of the story Tomáš Belko. DRAWMAN is the central character of the comic book, which is part of the magnificent iMUCHA SHOW project.

She has drawn autobiographical comics about celebrities such as Wes Anderson, David Bowie and Quentin Tarantino for foreign publishers.

In addition to comics, Alice also illustrates books, the most recent of which is POKRAČOVÁNÍ PŘÍŠTĚ by Tatyana G. Brzobohatá . Her drawings were also used by Ondřej G. Brzobohatý in a clip for his recent song MYŠLENKY JOHNA LENNONA.