David Nykl


DAVID NYKL (Actor, Czechia)

Guest presence: Friday 5. April and Saturday 6. April 2024

David Nykl was born in Czechoslovakia, but he has lived in Canada from an early age, after his parents emigrated due to the Soviet invasion. David soon began to develop a taste for acting, a unique sense of humour and an interest in all forms of artistic expression. As a result, he quickly made it onto the stage in Vancouver, and soon in his hometown, Prague.

One of his most famous roles came in 2004, where he was cast as the Czech scientist, Dr. Radek Zelenka, in the TV series Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate. Subsequently, he began to appear in several successful television projects, including Supernatural, Fringe, Sanctuary, Eureka, Once Upon a Time, and Continuum.

His next major role came in the TV show Arrow, where fans can remember him as Anatoly β€žKGBeastβ€œ Knyazev.

In 2019, David will return to TV screens in Czech spy series known as The Sleepers, which is produced by HBO.