Jana Kilianová


JANA KILIANOVÁ (comic book artist; Czechia)

Guest appearance: all days

Jana is an eccentric illustrator coming from a small village near Přerov, whom fate brought to Brno and transformed her hobby into a living. She loves video games and comics, and in an ideal world he makes her living by making her own works.

She has worked on a number of projects, from which you can tap out the well-known COVER NAMES: PICTURES or strip CORRECTOR. She created comic HUSTEJ NÁŘEZ: BRATRSTVO KRVE according to a book by František Kotleta and after the great success of number one she is working on second book.

She drew her first comics in a drawer at elementary school when she, fascinated by Pokémon, believed in her own opus magnum of a similar kind. A copy of the Pokémon remained in the drawer, but she stays at the manga and showed her first published comic book in the VĚJÍŘ collection of 2012. Since then, drawing has become her destiny and way of life, believing that it will become famous and rich. Or at least let her be employed at Blizzard.