Vladimír Kratina


VLADIMÍR KRATINA (actor; Czechia)

Guest appearance: Saturday 21. October 2023

Vladimír Kratina is a Czech actor, singer, songwriter, and producer.

After graduating from a gymnasium in Ostrava, he graduated as a photographer and later pursued his studies at the Prague DAMU, which he completed in 1975. Throughout his professional career as an actor, he worked in several theaters, including the King Hradecké Divadlo Vítězného února, the Ústí nad Labem Činoherní Studio, the touring theater Dílna 24, Prague's Ypsilons, and eventually in the Činoherní Klub. He also made guest appearances at the National Theatre.

Vladimír Kratina's rugged appearance predisposed him to roles of tough and sturdy men, which he portrayed not only on stage but also in front of the camera.

He entered the world of film while still studying at DAMU. After a few smaller roles, he gained prominence as the main character Tadeáš Falk in the raw film KŘEHKÉ VZTAHY directed by Juraj Herz. He received two awards for this film at domestic festivals. He also took another leading role in the film VŠECHNO NEBO NIC. However, he is most memorable to the audience for his role as "Drtikol" in the film PRÁZDNINY PRO PSA. On television we could see him in fairy tales, in the series PAN TAU and NÁVŠTĚVNÍCI, recently in the series MÍSTO V ŽIVOTĚ, SOUKROMÉ PASTI, LETIŠTĚ...

In his production work, among others, he produced the musical on ice MRAZIK.

It is less known that he is also a prominent and original folk and country singer and songwriter.