Petr Kopl


PETR KOPL (comic book writer and artist, Czechia)

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Petr Kopl was born in Třebíč, where he also completed a vocational school. His unique cartoon style, as depicted in his illustrations and pictures, has found fame in the United States, South Korea, and Finland. His most notable work includes illustrations in the books MAGIC ATLAS TIME TRAVEL from Veronika Válková, which was published by the publishing house Grada, or the story THE GOAT WITH THE GOLDEN HORNS from the american author, Robert Wortock, which came out in the United States, and THE LORD OF THE SEA from Ondřej Neff, among others.

Petr’s comic book repertoire also includes adaptations of classic stories in literature, such as the THREE MUSKETEERS, KING ARTHUR (both published by Fragment in 2010), THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (Alpress, 2011), or DRACULA (also Fragment, 2010). The comic series VICTORIA REGINA also boasts great success in England and Spain.

In 2012, the famous Prague-based comic publishing house Crew published a series of Petr’s authorised comic strips detailing the travails of Brok the mongrel. The work was aptly named: The Barking of Brok the Dirtbag.

Kopl has been publishing his first superhero series with co-author Petr Mack since 2015. The series bears the name Breathtaking Miracle, and it boasts a wide fan base.

Kopl and Mack have also resurrected the legendary comic book character known as Pérák.