VHRSTI (comic book writer and artist; Czechia)

Guest appearance: all days

Vhrsti, under the civic name Vojtěch Jurík, he is a Czech freelance visual artist and writer.

Throughout his two-decade-long career, he has been devoted to creating works for both children and adults. In addition to his artistic and literary activities, he produces comics, cartoons, and advertising materials.

He is the artist behind the children's program BÍLÁ PANÍ NA HLÍDÁNÍ. His first book, UŽ SE NEBOJÍM TMY, received the Teachers' Award for contribution to children's literature. ČESKÝ JAZYK 1 with his illustrations was honored with the BESA (The Best European Schoolbook Awards) for the second-best textbook in Europe.

In 2014, he self-published an autobiographical comic titled NEJDŮLEŽITĚJŠÍ VĚC NA SVĚTĚ, for which he received the Bohumil Polan Award. For his work in the field of cartoon humor, he was awarded the Czech-Slovak Journalist Prize in 2015.