Jan Kotouč


JAN KOTOUČ (writer; Czechia)

Guest appearance: all days

He comes from Prague, where he studied mass media and communication at the University of New York Prague. Ever since childhood, he liked to put together stories. As a Star Wars fan, he liked books by Timothy Zahn, Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston a lot. He fell in love with David Weber's books on Honor Harrington, it had a great influence on his own writing.

She has attend conventions since 2002. She regularly organizes lectures, discussions, and leads a literary program line at large Czech cones (including Comic-Con Prague). For nine years he led the fan club HMS Phantom - 39 Squadron, the second largest association of fans of books David Weber in the world.

At first he wrote fanfics from the world of Star Wars, then he went into his own world. In 2008, he won the Karel Čapek Award in the Novel category with the novel Příliš blízké setkání and a year later he published his novel Pokračování diplomacie at Poutník publising house. Since then he has published at least one book a year.

In 2015 he returned to his alma mater as a teacher, teaching the subject Literary Fiction. He also occasionally likes to provide a creative writing course.