Filip Rožek


FILIP ROŽEK (writer; Czechia)

Guest appearance: Sunday 22. October 2023

Filip Rožek is the author of the literary and cinematic phenomenon Gump. He was interested in creative work even during high school, which is why he joined the production department of TV Nova in 1994. He quickly became a dramaturge in the entertainment department and later worked on his career development in the new format development department.

From the age of 18, he has actively collaborated with the Animal Protection League. In 2016, he co-founded the organization 'Se psem mě baví svět' (I Enjoy the World with a Dog), which helps abused and abandoned dogs find happiness.

Filip Rožek has a daughter named Natálka, who has been interested in helping animals since her early childhood. And that's also the character of Naty Jahoda in the book GUMP – PES, KTERÝ NAUČIL LIDI ŽÍT (2021). The book received the Magnezia Litera award, was adapted into a movie, and has a sequel titled GUMP – JSME DVOJKA (2023).